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Here in joomlacell we passionately and dedicated to creating web themes and extension for joomla. We want to deliver to users

efficient themes and components and high performance techniques for customization.


Joomlacell Parallax

                                       joomlacell smooth parallax


responsive design The fastest way to create Joomlacell Parallax content

Joomlacell Parallax content is designed for managing, adding, creating,

and deleting Parallax images articles, menus, links and many more.  

With a few adjustments, you create all the modern content you need such as,

modern parallax images combined with articles and menu

you need for your Joomla site. Simplify the process with just a few steps?


Main features of Joomlacell Parallax 

                                                                      web design 2 Add modern images combined with other content               

web design Add custom content

             menu Add extra modules             

solar panel Responsive design

                                                          php Support PHP 7                                                                 

                                       web design 1 Compatible with all modern frameworks